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2010-02-07 03:09:19 by RandomJester

Oh hai, so I thought I'd make a post about how I'm going to be doing Audio Submissions now. My first submission is The Tower which was all based around a bit on piano that I had sitting around. Learned how to use Fruity Loops and made it. Huzzah! /308336

If you stumble across this give it a listen. There shall be more to come.

Making a post!

2009-12-22 22:14:28 by RandomJester

I am making a post, because it is the only thing I have not done on my profile yet. This post is a post, in every sense of the word "post". There is a post within this post, that was put in during post production of this post. This post was then posted on the post within this post that was put in place during post production. This postulates this post hoc post. The posture in this post is also good. Just thought i'd posthumously postulate that for you.

The end