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Halo Reach Fail Halo Reach Fail

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Just some thoughts.

While I realize this is probably just not my kind of comedy I suppose I feel those who didn't like it should be able to say so aswell as those who did.

First the positives: Obviously the art and voice acting were quite good, even the animation was fair for flash.

However I can't help but not see what's funny about having a bunch of bad things happen to any group with out much working to it. The whole thing kind of blows it's load a bit too quickly it's a punchline with out the set up. The second one with DBZ characters had a little bit more of a set up and was much more amusing, though resorting to a penis joke doesn't win you many points. Finally the last one which I guess was parody of Deliverance suffered from the same punchline no set up thing. The art of humor is making us expect one thing and giving us something clever that we weren't quite sure was going to happen, that along with interesting observations.

You're almost there, and I look forward to seeing any future animations of this artistic and sound quality.

Banana Phone Banana Phone

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad.

It's pretty good, ok Idea. you seem to be getting most of the credit for the song though. which isn't your song, it's Raffi's. I'm sure you know that, just so long as these others know that.